What bike would you prefer?


The entry of Honda with the Unicorn changes everything. Bajaj now has another Honda to take care of. Hero Honda can no longer rely on their old logic of relying on a range of 3-4 engines to feed their current crop of Bikes which have largely remained unchanged for almost years now. Same engine powering CD-100, CD-Dawn, Splendor and P@$$ion! How can they live with it with Honda bringing in latest technology and engines!Yamaha is not even in the hunt for the top considering they are still recovering from the debacle they suffered when they had to stop making RX-100! With Fazer doing well, it just might be a start to a three sided war. Errm… TVS is also here with its awesome Centra and Victor! And then there is the Bullet… Everyone is supposed to stop for a Bullet. I doubt Honda will…The real war starts now!


as for myself i already own a unicorn. believe me it dosent get smoother than this baby. she's jet black and glides through the bombay roads. the mono-shock gives me total control and is a beauty on the curves. am planning to do a bombay - karjat when the rains are over. --bhinderthe bullet rocks dude. it seperates the boys from the men i guess. tht was my first choice. but my parents were superstitious bout a second hand n stuff n the new bullets are pretty pricey not o mention maintanence average n so on. but took my friends bullet ou for a spin once and was totally blown off my feet. i felt like a king!!!! am looking out for a 500 rangign between 10 - 15,000/-. would like to tour on it. maybe u should get in touch with this bullet grp called 60kph. theyre a gr8 bunch. not snooty like the indi thumpers. the toured ladakh around 2 yrs ago. my friend kyle was on tht trip was gr8. wish i get a bull soon. keep thumpin till then... me will keep my wings soarin!!!--maybe honda wont stop for the bullet. but real bikers are a dying breed. no matter what bike u guys ride out there... respect the machine, respect the road, and enjoy the ride, savor the speed .....and dont kill anyone.


hmmm i wanna buy a bike. but i dunno which one to buy :( i`m 6 feet talll. and that makes me uncomfortable on most bikes ... can anypone suggest a bike? (not a bullet) ..