Important MUMBAI MTNL Staff Phone Numbers?


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Ive seen the very 1st topic on this forum ie. Important Links. One of the links contain important phone nos. of mtnl staff but in delhi. Does anyone have a list of important mtnl staff phone numbers and email ids who r from MUMBAI??? Ive searched a lot on many mtnl websites and on this forum but didnt find any. The reason i need this list is coz no one in my Mazgaon area is able to help me. Also, ive noticed that theoretically i shud get a download speed of 32KBps(256kbps/8). Practically i shud get atleast 30KBps but the max i have ever got is 28KBps. Ive tried different ways to download from different sites, p2p networks, and even done speed tests. Nothing gives a download speed greater than 28KBps. Furthermore, since i have the DSL NU package, between 12am and 8am, my connection frequently disconnects and reconnects. Now this happens only during that time and not in the day. Maybe coz i use the full bandwidth possible during night since its free. I posted a reply in an earlier post called "Pure Cheating" but havent received any answer yet. So im copy-pasting that post in this topic :-

Ive been having a similar problem with my MTNL DSL NU account. This is the 1st month of taking the connection and my current ADSL Usage is 650MB ie. 150MB over the quota. I contacted many MTNL staff in my area regarding this problem including Helpdesk 1504, but no one can figure this out or provide any useful solutions. One of the staff members advised me to write an application to the Dy. GM and so i wrote the following on 9th sept. 2005 :

Sub : Misuse Of MTNL Triband Account

Dear Sir,
I am a subscriber of the DSL NU package of MTNL Triband. The telephone no. on which the internet account is taken is 23712509. I would kindly like to bring to your notice the following problems I am facing since the very beginning of the account :-

1) My account commencement date which appears at is 26th August, 2005 when in fact, the internet connection was installed on 31st August, 2005. Due to this I have already lost 5 days of the account.
2) The account is being misused by a third party whom I am unaware of. When the connection was installed, I was informed to change my account password along with the modem WAN password, which I did. But from 1st September, 2005, after changing the password, I noticed that many internet sessions have been used by someone else thereby downloading a large amount of MB such as 152, 90, 55 MB etc. at each session. I realized that my account is being stolen when I noticed that the sessions during which the net was used, many of them were when my PC and the router were off. Furthermore, I am the only one who uses this PC. So there is no one else that knows my password or even turn on the PC without me being aware of it. This has been going on for 9 days and now today I have only 5MB left out of the 500MB quota that I get with the DSL NU package for the month.

I already lodged the above mentioned complaints on the 1504 Customer Care Helpdesk but did not get any useful response so far. One of the MTNL Support Engineers has advised me to continue using the account until it is corrected after the MB quota is returned. So I am writing this application requesting you to kindly look into the matter and return my MB quota that was forcefully stolen or lost from my account and take additional precautions that such an incident does not occur again.
Thanking you and oblige.

After that, i called up the Dy. GM to follow up with the matter and he said on the phone that its not possible for someone to misuse my account. Also he was giving me general instructions like to turn off router when not in use....blah blah blah. After that he said that he will put an investigation on this matter. Only 5 days r left for end of this month and the account. If they dont return my quota or correct the bill, i will be forced to cancel my subscription. I honestly dont want to do that coz other than this problem, the conn is gr8 ie.more stable, much faster and cheaper compared to my earlier connection. Earlier, i had a pacenet connection at [email protected]/month with unlimited d/w 24hrs. Now i havent received my 1st bill yet. Also, ive read in other posts that the triband+telephone bill u receive at the end of the month might not show the same amount of MB used as in the account u see online. Is that really possible??So can anyone suggest me a better way to solve this by calling the right ppl coz so far none of the mtnl staff members were able to help me. Also, how can i prevent this from happening in the future???

PS : I am attaching an image file containing all the sessions during which my account was misused :-
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Originally posted by [email protected] 27 2005, 02:44 PM
Tell me where do you stay in Mumbai so that i can give you the phone numbers

My Postal Address is :-

Laxmi Apartments, 5th Floor, Block No.51,
49, Dockyard Road, Mazgaon,
Mumbai - 400 010.


@ Yohu Hey dude even i am facin this same shi* prblem of triband usage ...but phew i dont gets disconnected if its happend i will thru this connection than it will suckz more we NU users can only access in night till morning ,,no matter it had disturbed my sleeping time ...but atleast mtnl shud not do this kind of jhol jhapat ...i stay in jesal park near Bhayander ...western part of mum ...if ur problem is ever got solved pls do tell me ...may be i will ring u sumeday ...if u dont have any problem to ask abt this fuc** triband ...if possible contact me on yahoo mesnr [email protected] c ya around


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It shows this to me:

Not Found
The requested object does not exist on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it. Please inform the site administrator of the referring page