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hey guys nero 7 is out on net and up for grabs. here's an article i read on a site( :p ,will not tell or moderatorji will get :angry: ) "EW non official release from Nero AG (formerly Ahead). After Nero Reloaded, the Germans behind the best application for burning CDs and DVDs will come in the second week of October with a new version, 7.0, which will not be a simple update, the new application allowing users to burn HD-DVD or Blu-Ray discs. The Nero team has also announced during IFA 2005 that certain Nero 7 functions will be integrated with the Windows operating system, which means that probably you will be able burn a CD or a DVD directly from Windows Explorer.Nero 7 which should become available at the 10th of October 2005 brings some interesting changes to the multi-media suite. To start, the company is planning to add an update feature to the software to prevent users from having to download a 30 MB each update. This feature will not be available after the initial release but will be made available in an update, this because the company has difficulties to determine what exactly needs to be updated and what is already up to date.Nero Burning ROM has not changed much, the looks of the software were revised and some control elements were re-arranged to improve the usability of the software. In order to make it easier to distinguish between the individual components of the Nero suite, the company has decided to use different colors for each component. Regarding new technological innovations one can expect for example the support of the new DVD formats. Another component that will become part of Nero 7 will be 'Nero Home', which is intended for Media-Centre-PCs. This software should make it easy to manage multi-media content on the computer and can be directly connected to each of the other components of the Nero suite (such as playback trough the Nero player Showtime, burning using the Nero burn engine etc.). Nero Home will allow users to show films with 5.1 surround sound and the software has streaming functionality which allows one to playback content stored on a different device (such as a home server). Nero will also introduce Nero Scout an application that will start to scan the PC for multi-media files when it is installed. The software will create an index for these files for easy access. Another new addition to the Nero suite is a HD (High Definition) video codec with improved compression and which can be played back using Nero Showtime or Nero Digital certified hardware which is available from several DVD player manufacturers."


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the first HD DVD are expected to be around 1000 USD... so i guess its just another worthless update.