Jio Fiber installation review. a rare positive experience IMO.

While doing an obligatory neighborhood bhraman around August 2020, I saw poles and black wires with orange stripes emerging from ground and labelled as jio infocomm ltd. I just got wet. Few weeks later junction boxes with jio logo appeared on those poles. After falling prey to wireless broadband mafia, BSNL LCO charging 10K and playing me and another guy and using VI red max on mr6400 now was the time to make sure I got a connection. I was not giving up. Since then I never looked at the roads I was walking on rather my eyes were only on the electricity poles, jio boxes and black wires with orange stripes.

Found people with jio tshirt on ladders working on these boxes so I started talking with them and took updates from them. You will keep getting rough idea but their rough idea was still months away. After months of nothing I saw labels on poles with the local jio employee's number and posters with a local number on mobile recharge shops and photocopy shops...etc. I got many phone numbers of various jio employees who do ground work. Most were kinda vague but one guy was very polite and even good enough to call me back telling why there was a delay and promised me a connection. He told that he will keep my number and update me and to my surprise he did. When installations started, there was a limit of 80m according to this guy. He told me that after all the "within 80m" customers were done then their higher ups would allow further connections and it would take over a month but to my surprise he called me one fine morning, after about 10 days and told me that he can get my installation done that very day within hours if I was available and my answer was an ecstatic YES.

The guy came with all his arms and ammunition. The only piece of gear which I would steal from them is their ladder because it was that good.
He did all the formalities with aadhar and photo. I payed online and they got the wiring started in a jiffy. My house was still around 200m from the nearest junction box. They used up the whole spool of fiber(around 5m coiled up as extra) which according to them is 200m in 1 sealed box however he did say that he will not do further connections which are around 200m because his higher ups won't allow that as of now but since I poked him too much and since we got the KYC and registration thing done so he installed my fiber and told me not to give his number to anyone who is around 200m distance
He did say that within 6 months I will get junction boxes on poles in front of my house. Also if you are in an apartment their department is different from single homes and that thing needs more permissions.
They don't ask for any extra CHAI-PAANI money and I am surprised how efficient, professional and to the point these people are and that too in a tier 2 city and finished their work within 5 hours. They had their masks on and they opened their shoes before entering my room so I slid them an orange paper currency because I appreciated that.

Now almost everyday I see these Jio installation guys asking for addresses of residents in my neighborhood. They are like infantry liberating us from wireless internet mafia and greedy mind game playing poor shaming BSNL LCOs. Also thank god Jio has this TV set top box thing with their fiber service hence generic uncle-aunties are quite interested in JioFiber, otherwise if it was marketed only as internet service then they would have objected towards pole installations. We people get our internet and they get their brain dead kapil sharma comedy. A win-win situation for all parties involved.
How is the stability of the connection? Did you ever bother applying through their website? If you can spare time could you please share screenshot of 'PING PLOTTER' graph to It's a free application that is excellent to check the quality of the internet connection, and is important for gamers like me
The connection is quite stable. I download a lot from DDL sites. Although I am still on 150mbps trial but I am getting constant 250-300mbps while downloading terabytes from mega, onedrive, gdrive...etc.

I am also a PC gamer but I play only single player games so not into multiplayer but looking at the pings I can say that it won't be optimal for gaming.