Can I watch TV channels without Airtel Xstream media box?

Hey, I am thinking about getting Airtel Fiber connection in Ghaziabad. They said that if i pay for 3 months (799*3 + GST) then there wont be any installation and activation charges. I read it here someone said that even paying for 6 month for 499 plans also gets you free installation and activation BUT my airtel guy said no to that

Anyways I want to know few things that I am confused about:

1. What channels/apps are provided with connection of 499 and 799 ? Any good channels/apps or are they all garbage ones that no one watches.
Any Live channels?

2. I have MI android TV. Do I NEED to get their XStream STB (Which requires 1500 security and 153 charge every month minimum) to watch these channels? Or can I just install their xtreme app (or whatever it is called) on my TV and watch directly?? (Sorry I dont know much about these andoid TVs and how these apps work)

3. I know Airtel provides speed little higher than the promised one so I wanna know what speed can i expect on the 40 mbps plan. I guess something around 45-50?

4. Pretty sure download and upload speeds are symmetrical but still just wanna confirm?

5 On JIO reddit and few other sites response is very slow. Are things better on airtel??