VI customer support horrible support & malpractices

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Hey Everyone,

I have been a passive visitor of this forum for a few years, to keep me informed and updated on the developments in telecom industry from a consumer's perspective. Today I decided to register & post a thread, as I wanted to shed some light into malpractices of recently rebranded VI support & maybe also get some help/advice from the members if possible. I have just sent an email to appellate authority & will post of copy of it here, which describes the issue & turn of events after that. Here it goes:

Tue 10/27/2020 10:04 AM
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>


I have been ill-treated, deceived & lied to, by VI customer support department constantly for a week now, regarding the complaints I've raised after porting my father's number from JIO to VI. The complaint is regarding the malpractices done by your VI retailer & how he is forcing people to pay more money than specified on your website for teleportation process. Instead of helping me out, your complaint resolution department is rude, unhelpful & abruptly aggressive to me during communication. They've refused to escalate my issue & also denied my requests to speak to someone in the higher management to communicate with. They cancelled my Service Requests twice without providing any resolution or confirming the same without talking to me. I called up customer care yesterday & the senior agent told me that he would open another new linked service request for me, but that turned out to be a lie & I did not receive any SR number at all. I checked out the history of my Service Requests on your website & on the VI app, but it turns out that history of all my past Service Requests have been deleted to wipe out any trace of my complaints. This a blatant malpractice & a serious issue that should be looked into.

Fortunately, I have the evidence of all my service requests & audio recordings of your senior executives, where they have admitted that I have been duped & a resolution should be provided to me. I also have the call recording of the associate misbehaving & talking rudely to me over phone instead of hearing me out & paying heed to my repeated requests for escalation.

For your reference, these are the complaint numbers that have been provided to me: UPE-V001599XXXXX(was marked Resolved abruptly first when I was unable to answer call even once, they did not follow three strike rule). The other linked SR I opened right after is: UPE-V001632XXXXX(this was marked cancelled after your associate rudely hung up on me & refused to act on my escalation requests).

Please arrange someone responsible to follow this up with me & help me out further.

The only reason I felt compelled to port this no. to VI because I wanted to give the newly rebranded company (VI) a fair chance, since I had used an Idea no. for more than 10 years in the past. I also do not want monopoly/duopoly in telecom sector, but the actions of your employees is not helping the case & will only repel the customers to your competitors. I am now stuck on your network for at least 3 months, but I am not going to let this go as this is not a matter of money but a matter of principle & promises made by your organization to the customers.

I hope to hear back from someone responsible & help me out further.

The number teleported to VI is: xxxxxxxxxx

The number I could be contacted on is: xxxxxxxxxx

I've sent an email but I am not too hopeful of even a helpful reply, is there anything else I can do or anyone else I can directly call or email? The contact no. of nodal officers specified on the website, never answer the calls or call back. I am planning to run a social media campaign & dragging them to court of law as the last resort. If someone over here can suggest some other step or someone to contact, I will be really grateful for the same.