Jio Fiber IPv6 with pfSense

Airtel VFiber
Just convinced a friend (successfully ;)) to get a JioFiber connection installed, so I can tinker with it.

I am getting an IPv6 address on my router's WAN, as well as on LAN and on other clients connected to the LAN.

I am trying to set up pfSense to work with this, I know I can do nothing with the CG-NAT'ed IPv4 connectivity, however, I was wondering if it possible to pass thru the entire IPv6 PD to pfSense (assuming the WAN IP delivered is /48, my router is not showing subnet), and then split off a /64 subnet to my LAN using track interface.

I don't know how to achieve this, since the Jio Centrum gateway is pretty locked, I can't even disable IPv6 on it, neither can it be setup in Bridge mode.

If anyone of you has any experience with IPv6 on pfSense, please help.

Also, if you can attach your IPv6 settings on Jio Centrum (WAN as well as LAN) and possibly a Test your IPv6. screenshot, it would be great !