Intents Go - Navigation with Pothole Alerts


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Intents Go is a free, privacy focussed, navigation app that makes your drives significantly safer and effortless. Intents Go tells you about broken road patches, waterlogging, traffic, blockades, speed cameras and more beforehand to ensure nothing catches you by surprise on your drive or ride. Panic braking on spotting a speed breaker? Thing of the past now. Scared of hidden potholes in monsoons? Not anymore.

In India, more than 20 people lose their lives daily because of potholes and badly designed speed breakers. Lots more than that are injured for absolutely no fault of their own and billions are wasted in material damages. Intents Go is a step towards changing that and saving lives on the road.

Why Intents Go?
-Realtime road condition status
-No personal data collected
-Voice guided turn by turn navigation
-Pothole and speed breaker alerts
-Find restaurants, toilets, mechanics and more
-Road incident reports including waterlogging, accidents and more

Drive safer with Intents Go.