Poor 2.4Ghz Network Jio Fiber Modem


I have Jio Fiber gigabit modem router with 150Mbps speed, to pity it work only in 5Ghz wifi range, 2.4Ghz band have zero coverage, even at 2 m distance from modem. Wifi have very poor coverage in two floors. Is there any way to restore fully 2.4Ghz and disable 5Ghz?

Secondly it connect only to one router, if i attach simultaneously two router to LAN ports, it automatically disconnect internet access from either one of two routers. Did it mean it support only one router at a time to extend network?

Jio Fiber
I have another problem, there is only one 2.4ghz band in the blue modem. There is no 5Ghz band. The 2.4ghz coverage and speed is pretty poor. I get only 10-15mbps speed at a distance of about 8 metres with one glass door in between.

The 2.4ghz TP-Link modem which I had, had a connection speed more than 100 mbps. I tried to get the CC to replace the modem before lockdown but they said they dont have another one.

Will the 2.4ghz speed increase if I connect another router to it?

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