How is Railwire for gaming and stability?

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I read a lot of problems regarding Railwire broadband. However, it would be great for me if you can list them here, especially regarding gaming and the overall stability (speed, downtimes, packet loss etc.).

I saw that a lot people were having issues with CODM and PUBGM, is that resolved? And are you facing problems even in PC games or only these two?
Railwire, Airtel 4G
I had a BSNL connection 7-8 years back. The experience was one of the worst I have ever faced in my life. That time mostly BSNL was providing broadband through its landline services. I faced problems every now and then. It was just pathetic service. Don't know how are they doing now with Bsnl FTTH.

Railwire has some problems, but it's not that bad. It's good connection for a casual user like me who needs it mostly for study and streaming purposes.
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Bharuch, Gujarat
Railtel, Gujarat
Hmm, by the way, everyone is routed from Kolkata in Railwire? I saw that a lot of people were saying Railwire's gateway is Kolkata. So, my ping won't be good for Mumbai servers, as in Airtel 4G? 😟

I am from Chhattisgarh and usually get 36-44ms in mobile games' Indian servers which are located in Mumbai. And 80-100ms for Singapore servers.

How much do you get when your Internet works fine for the games you play?
My ping to mumbai is 13ms, is 13ms is 13-15ms
Send me the ip, I'll send ping results. I'm from Gujarat.

EDIT - I jinxed it, now its in range of 80-100
To mumbai is 77ms
This shows the railwire is very much unreliable for gaming.

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