Just got a brand new Airtel Broadband Xstream Connection

Gurugram (Gurgaon)
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why did you allow them to install copper wire when you were promised fiber. should have simply refused them to install.Prospective airtel users should categorically ask if they will install copper connection or not. If the sales team do not reply, it implies that it will be copper only. The linesman/technician will also call before installation. If you ask him, he will clearly indicate whether it is copper or fiver, even if the sales team do not reply specifically or tries to mislead.
Happened with me when I took You Broadband connection this June.
Sales representative never told me connection would be coaxial cable. When installation guys called me only then I came to know it's not Fiber and refused for installation.

Though idiots took around 20 days to refund via cheque. But I saved myself from a cheap service.

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