Questions about Amazon Prime Membership provided by Airtel Xstream Broadband

Airtel XStream
Hey Guys, my Amazon Prime Membership is getting over this month on 21st September and I am seeing that Airtel provides free Prime Membership if we opt for Rs.999 plan, so it seems better deal to choose that plan as I have just installed XStream fiber 15 days back and have taken 6 months basic 100 Mbps plan, Prime Membership alone costing 1K would be included in 200 Mbps plan and with that only 200 or 300 would be additional amount I guess that I would be required to pay for double speeds

So I have few questions if someone can answer :

1) I have taken 6 months 100 Mbps plan 15 days back, can I upgrade this to 200 Mbps plan now by paying difference amount?
2) Is complete Prime Membership included with Airtel XStream Fiber 200 Mbps plan or only Prime Video?
3) If I downgrade 200 Mbps Plan to 100 Mbps plan after 6 months, would my Prime Membership be removed or would that be available for 1 year?
4) As I am having Prime Membership already, can I claim Amazon Membership after 21st Sept from Airtel Thanks or this offer is only valid for new Amazon Customers?


Castiel, mea salvator
1. Better ask Airtel
2. Complete subscription of Amazon Prime is included.
3. If you downgrade, subscription will be removed.
4. All customers can opt for the membership, but your previous subscription needs to expire before you can claim the one from Airtel.
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