Lenovo Denying Service

I have a Legion Y520 with Nvidia 1050 4GB and Ram - 8 GB. So this all started when my laptop started shutting down at 20% Battery. I called Lenovo and they fixed via callibrating the battery via one solution software and it was working fine after that.
Then in March of 2020 I started facing overheating issue and my laptop would get incredibly slow. Upon inspection, I found that one of the fans wasn't spinning and their technician asked me to open my laptop to confirm. I did that and they sent a replacement fan. It was replaced from a 3rd Party Authorized Technician from Sysnet Global Technologies. That's when this all went downhill. The technician came to my house and replaced the fan. I complained to him about hinge making weird noises and to resolve that he tightened the screws as much as he could. This still didn't resolve the issue but he asked me to use it for a few days.
Right before lock down , the hinge broke and I immediately raised a complaint on twitter. For 4 months I was stuck with a broken Hinge laptop which could not be closed and had to use it in that very setting. After countless emails and complaints and a visit from an engineer from sysnet , a new back cover for the screen and a new hinge was ordered which was replaced just last week.
After the repair, I checked and laptop seemed to be working just fine. Upon inspection I found that my left speaker was no longer working and I opened the back cover and the solder connection of my left speaker was broken. I again raised the complaint last week and they said they will check.
Now again I see a similar fracture is appearing near the hinge and if not replaced will again result in a broken hinge. I haven't dropped my laptop and I haven't moved it from my desk. The design has a flaw where if the screws are tightened even a tinsy bit more than the factory setting, it will result in breaking of hinge. Now they are denying service stating that I opened the laptop and that's why the speakers broke. They aren't accepting a design flaw because of which again a tiny fracture on the body has appeared and are not ready to replace the screen back cover. My laptop randomly shuts down at any % of battery if not plugged in.
Should I put a grievance in consumer affairs? Has anyone won any case?
Let's see. Your experience is going to teach us.

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