SC can ask you to stay away from Social media

Navjot Singh

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Social media can be used by a person just like a gun in his hand, observed the Supreme Court on Friday as it found favour with an order asking a Congress leader from Uttar Pradesh to stay away from social media for at least 18 months.

The top court has decided to formulate guidelines on the use of social media in criminal cases, especially in matters of bail.

"What is wrong with an order asking you not to use social media? If a court can order an accused to stay away from a gun, it can similarly ask you to stay away from social media," said Chief Justice of India SA Bobde.

The court was hearing an appeal by Congress politician Sachin Choudhary who faces a criminal case for holding a press conference in breach of the lockdown rules to criticise the central and UP governments.
Supreme Court Says Use of Social Media as Good as a Gun in Hand, to Issue Guidelines in Criminal Cases