Horrible experience with Logitech mouse

So, 2 years ago I bought a Logitech M275 mouse and the left click stopped working after a few months. I mean it would register the click but intermittently and if I am dragging something, it would drop the document mid way. The scroll wheel was the next thing that went bad. I was a bit lazy so I didn't care to get it replaced.

Coming to February 2020, and I bought a Logitech Combo MK345. Guess what? The mouse has already acting up. The left click is doing the same damn thing. And since it's just a couple of months that I got this mouse, I decided to contact the customer care on May 31, and dropped an email again on June 2 as I received no response. Then somebody cares to reply and asks me to visit a nearest service center and get it checked. And gives me a link that's dead:


So, I confirmed if I am supposed to seek help at a dead end.

And I get a response:

The walk-in centers are closed now. The link will show you the walk-in center address after the lock down. Thank you for choosing Logitech.

I think that the 'thank you for choosing Logitech' was from their heart, because I got screwed once, yet I decided to get screwed again.
I've hurt my wrist real bad, this is why I am considering getting one. It took 3-4 days for the pain to go away.