Horrible experience with Logitech mouse

So, 2 years ago I bought a Logitech M275 mouse and the left click stopped working after a few months. I mean it would register the click but intermittently and if I am dragging something, it would drop the document mid way. The scroll wheel was the next thing that went bad. I was a bit lazy so I didn't care to get it replaced.

Coming to February 2020, and I bought a Logitech Combo MK345. Guess what? The mouse has already acting up. The left click is doing the same damn thing. And since it's just a couple of months that I got this mouse, I decided to contact the customer care on May 31, and dropped an email again on June 2 as I received no response. Then somebody cares to reply and asks me to visit a nearest service center and get it checked. And gives me a link that's dead:


So, I confirmed if I am supposed to seek help at a dead end.

And I get a response:

The walk-in centers are closed now. The link will show you the walk-in center address after the lock down. Thank you for choosing Logitech.

I think that the 'thank you for choosing Logitech' was from their heart, because I got screwed once, yet I decided to get screwed again.


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I have logitech M185, M235. The 185 was purchased in 2013, still works fine while the M235 was purchased in 2016 and has been used by me daily for atleast 8-10 hours for the past 4 years. The batteries on these easily last around 6 months with my kind of usage. I have seen batteries on cheap brands lasting less than a month which really annoys me out.
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Same here now I have started using Dell, HP keyboard & mouse. I remember my first keyboard was from TVS (I think it's now called TVS Gold keyboard) which used to go clickety click which I used for 12 yrs. Changing the keyboard was more a whim then any tech reason. 😲🥴


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love the toothbrush. cannot get the replacement heads. mi said at the time of crowdfunding that replacement heads would be sold through mi.com. they seem to have completely forgotten that promise. i have tried contacting them a few times and every time i am told that i should visit the service center to get 'replacement parts'. i have doubts that they are stocking toothbrush heads with their service centers. considering they only sold like 2700 units here in india (CrowdFunding- Mi Electric Toothbrush T300). haven't yet checked with their service center though because well it seems like a pointless exercise.


i have been keeping an eye on AliExpress. there are a few options available where i can get 3 replacement heads for around 1500. but seems like a gamble considering the state of custom clearance these days. so i am back to using regular toothbrushes for now.

that reminds me. if someone here has a mi service center close to their house... pata karke batao 😪