How to use cf-warp and WireGuard?

Updated guide here: [UPDATED] How to use CloudFlare WARP+ on Windows (and get IPv6)(and use your own License key) | VPN and Seedboxes


1. Download both the files, cf-warp and wireguard

2. Open cmd and cd to the path where you have downloaded the files in my case C:/Users/Temp/Downloads
3. Run the exe file with "cf-warp-win.exe" . It should output something same as in the screenshot below:

4. Don't close cmd just yet, we need the .cf-warp path to import it into wireguard
5. Install wireguard
6. Once installed, the GUI should look like this:
View attachment 987
7. Click on "Import tunnel(s) from file"
8. Go the path we got on the cmd in step 3 ,click on "cf-warp.conf" file. Now the .conf file is imported to wireguard
View attachment 988
9. Wireguard GUI should look like this:

10. Click on Activate button

11. Check your IP by searching for "My IP" on . CloudFlare rewrites your IP Address on the websites which uses CloudFlare DDoS Protection/Reverse proxy. So sites like IPChicken and will show your actual IP. Make sure to search on Google as Google doesn't use CloudFlare.

There ya go
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i seen you useful cf-wrap+ thread fully @Sushubh waiting to see the performance in my network . 70rs for 5 device is great thing.Keep posting more useful and cheap deals like this for people like me😅