How to use cf-warp and WireGuard?

Updated guide here: [UPDATED] How to use CloudFlare WARP+ on Windows (and get IPv6)(and use your own License key) | VPN and Seedboxes


1. Download both the files, cf-warp and wireguard


2. Open cmd and cd to the path where you have downloaded the files in my case C:/Users/Temp/Downloads
3. Run the exe file with "cf-warp-win.exe" . It should output something same as in the screenshot below:

4. Don't close cmd just yet, we need the .cf-warp path to import it into wireguard
5. Install wireguard
6. Once installed, the GUI should look like this:
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7. Click on "Import tunnel(s) from file"
8. Go the path we got on the cmd in step 3 ,click on "cf-warp.conf" file. Now the .conf file is imported to wireguard
View attachment 988
9. Wireguard GUI should look like this:


10. Click on Activate button

11. Check your IP by searching for "My IP" on . CloudFlare rewrites your IP Address on the websites which uses CloudFlare DDoS Protection/Reverse proxy. So sites like IPChicken and will show your actual IP. Make sure to search on Google as Google doesn't use CloudFlare.

There ya go
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Tirukazhukundram, Tamilnadu
i seen you useful cf-wrap+ thread fully @Sushubh waiting to see the performance in my network . 70rs for 5 device is great thing.Keep posting more useful and cheap deals like this for people like me😅
Mauli Internet
Hi Guys,

Please help me in my issue. I am from Mumbai and have been using Cloudflare's (CF) WARP+ Unlimited (Via Wireguard) on windows since February 2021. from Feb until 12 March 2021, I was able to get full International speed on my local Cable Operator (CO) provided 100 Mbps plan. The CO restricted international traffic at 10Mbps only. henced used the CF WARp. Post 12 March 2021, I am getting the same speed (10Mbps) using CF WARP which I was getting without the CF WARP. does any one kknows why is this happening?

Since there is no point if even CF is going to block my international speed like my CO. I have raised the issue with CF on the desktop as well as android app. but no help.