Installed new airtel Xstream fiber connection

so 2 weeks ago i got airtel Xstream fiber connection installed at my home.

background story:

so in 2017 i got a call from jio fiber that they are giving free fiber connection for 3 months with refundable security deposit of 4500rs. I opted for this and got it installed. I continued using free jio fiber internet for like 2 years untill they started paid plans.
In those 2 years i got full 95 mbps up and down speed. No complaint in that. But their ping latency and download speed was like horrible for non-peered content. I raised a disconnection request this year and got the security amount of 4500rs back within 20 days.
Then airtel called me and told that they are pre Booking for upcoming ftth service in my area and i will get free installation and dual band wifi for 1000rs amount. This amount will be adjusted in 2 bills . 500rs discount per bill for 2 months.
I said yes and within 1 week of request engineers and hired labour started digging my street for underground fiber cables and OLT boxes . This continued for 1 month and work was done.

i again got a call from their engineer that service is live now and they are sending wiring team to my location. And installation process began and within 1 hour connection was installed and internet was up and running.

I choose 200mbps unlimited plan and getting more than 200mbps down and upload speed approximately.

ping is also fine. Just 10ms lesser than jio but surfing websites and streaming is way better than jio.
Is Rs799 postpaid plan's monthly data sufficient? Is there any way to get extra data every month for free of cost by Airtel customer care ?