Hosting a RIPE Atlas probe on your network

Have you heard about Ripe Atlas project ?
RIPE Atlas
RIPE NCC is running an excellent project called RIPE Atlas from few years. This is one of the largest distributed network measurement projects where thousands of users host small devices called RIPE Atlas Probes on their networks, home connections, data centers etc. These probes do measurement under both public and private category and make that data available publicly for use by network engineers and helps in optimising routing.

These can help other users to run ping, trace route etc from other networks to detect latency, routing issues.

I have been hosting few of these and wanted to check with other users in India if they can host some devices.
It does not have any major requirements and just need USB power, uses 4-5kbps internet for tests and be available online 24/7.

I have 2 devices which I can share at this time.

To setup new device will need your email(invite and account for accessing online tools) and ISP details(ASN) to set it up.

Some more explaining how Ripe Atlas works and can help Network users/teams
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Probe shows offline if I do not setup DMZ on router. For 4 hrs it was showing offline, but it was connected to the internet.

My isp uses cg nat.