Govt forcing service providers to use india post

Since the last 3 months i am not receiving my airtel landline and post paid bill and my credit card statement by post. After further inquiry i found that both of the providers have switched from private to sarkari india post. This is the height of madness by the govt. I guess since the next psu to go down is india post, why not force the private sector.

Any body getting their posts from india post which previously was private courier?


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my postman could be more helpful but hard to blame him when government has not even provided him with a scooter or bike. he has to travel long distances on a bicycle.

one package of mine had incomplete address. it had my mobile number. no one bothered to call me (which is expected though). i asked postman to check at the post office. he was not much interested.

i tried to get information through indiapost twitter account. i was informed that address was incomplete so it was not delivered. they gave me an email address to send id proof info along with tracking number. that sort of worked as package arrived after a few days.

india post basically kept on shifting that package between delhi and gurgaon several times during the process. when they could have just called the mobile number on the package and get full address. courier companies would do that. india post didn't.