Congrats Sehwag!!!

Congrats Sehwag for making Triple Century again!!!1st Test Match between IND & RSA looks like heading to draw, but the innings of Sehwag has made viewers happy :thumbsup:Sehwag has turned match single handed with 70% of runs till now coming from Sehwag's Bat


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its not a draw yet. 2 full days are there. if india can make 750 or so by tomorrow evening.(i.e. abt 270runs more) then we can get them all out by 200runs on 5th day(or 50-60 odd runs to chase for us in 2nd inns)

oh btw, touch wood and at this rate Lara's record is def under threat! Lara's 400 was just for the sake of creating a record, while Sehwag's cud be match winning innings

wow this guy almost copied me!!

taken from: (commentry at end of 3rd day)
Cricinfo - 1st Test: India v South Africa at Chennai, Mar 26-30, 2008

Stumps, 5.15 pm local time: The spectators who were at the MA Chidambaram Stadium have witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime innings. Sehwag's awesome triple-century, 309 off 292 balls, has changed the course of this match dramatically. India have scored 386 runs today off 85 overs and are only 72 runs behind South Africa. It's fair to say that only one team can win this match from here and that is India. The pace at which Sehwag has scored his runs has kept this Test alive. If India can bat on tomorrow and gain a lead of around 200 shortly after tea (and it is possible if Sehwag bats on) the pressure will fully be on South Africa on a fifth day pitch. And there's the world record of Lara's 400 as well.