Caution: Don't fall in Hathway for JioFiber

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Hey! Hathway has started using Jio Logo on their Stickers + They call you with saying "Hathway is now with Jio"

Problem is that, they are trying to trick people in believing that Hathway = Jio (if you talk further).

I have to ask him 3-4 times specifically and even talked to his senior to confirm if the line is going to be Fiber or Coaxial TV Cable.

Hathway with Jio is not Jio Fiber. Also it doesn't mean it will be FTTH or Fiber.

It is same old DOCSIS 3.0

Jio is not using Hathway for reaching customers for Jio Fiber.

JioFiber is different from Hathway in Delhi and they have no access to JioFiber's FTTH infrastructure as well.
Actually i hope for the opposite in Chennai because Hathway has good service,speed and fup.
They are using GPON here and Customers are compensated with Data if anything goes wrong.
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if they said 150, if we get 100 mbps from that cable. it is good speed and 1000gb fup.
jio plans are shit.
jio giving 200gb fup in 1000rs pack. Lasts in less than a week for normal users


To be honest, I find Hathway’s plans to be far superior to Jio’s. I am paying Rs. 590 per month for 2TB data @ 50 Mbps. Cannot complain about price. The only problem is net can go down abruptly 10-15 mins once or twice a month. It will also go down at such a time when you are doing something crucial like watching p0rn or net banking transfers. :ROFLMAO:

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