Excitel Fiber Review West Delhi

I was one of few early adopters of Excitel ethernet back in 2015 I think and left it in few months due to downtime every other day, thanks to LCO n way they handle switches n wiring. This time on dedicated fiber line by Excitel I am told downtimes are fewer.

This time back from Airtel who were not ready to increase speeds(16mbps on vfiber for last 3 years) and facing few network problems like some app won't download or stuck at 99% unless i switch to mobile data Plus customer support of Airtel was down the drain in last one year. I think mobile support and landline support is on same level now aka hopeless. also upload speed hurts more than download.

Got new diwali offer plan 2000 for 4 months 100mbps + 750(refundable but no receipt provided) for ONT + 300 for installation(for box with ont n yellow wire).
LCO took 2 days to install it & would have taken probably one more but a warning after wire installation led to same day final activation else he would have lost all the effort till now. And same old money saving ways were used, no use of clip, tying wire to dish n pipes . I think Excitel should handle new installation itself instead of leaving it to LCO.

Speed is 100mbps without any ping loss for now.
But connection do becomes little jittery at too many times so a big no for gamers.
Even youtube streaming sometimes show pixelation when no big load on connection.
At one instance Whatsapp was not connecting.

So glitches still are there like old excitel but no complete downtime for time being.

I'll update if I face more problems. Hopefully rain, moisture and dust won't affect fiber.

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I think below test is on 2.4ghz

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new delhi
I upgraded my plan to 300Mbps last night but i am still getting 200 up/down . my excitel shows that I am on 300Mbps plan. rebooted onu several times but still the same. contacted cc and they said it takes 48hrs for speeds to be upgraded. seems bullshit to me.

have you guys tried upgrading or downgrading speed on fiber? if yes, then how quickly was it done?


CCP ate my homework
Try disabling QoS in Advanced>QoS if you have it enabled?

ONU is in bridge mode right? So when you connect directly to PC and dial PPPoE on PC, the PC does the routing,pppoe (and I don't think there is NAT in this case).