Worst internet service in Kalyan Dombivali area

This is a worst provider in Kalyan area (Mumbai Region). For 50 Mbps plan paying around 1000 Rs. on an average. Every Saturday Sunday there internet is down for whole day. Also the technical team in Kalyan is worst. In Mumbai City area this is best internet service provider but in in Kalyan Dombivali area they are just looters of money. When it comes to renewal of internet subscription. Their harassment reaches pick by calling everyday. The tone of any customer care executive of Hathway is like extortionist. And when you pay for next internet pack for 3/6 months or 1 year then only they stop harassing. Till next payment date they are not happy to solve your genuine problems. I got trapped in this worst situation. I think Hathway corporate/ head office don't want give there same good service to Kalyan Dombivali customers like in Mumbai City area they are providing by not spending money to build proper internet network and hire eligible and intelligent technician who can solve the problem in quick response and maintain the internet service internet service uninterrupted 24*7. Jay Hind. Oh sorry Hathway is American company who came to India to loote.