HFCL powered spam texts

majority of text spam on dad's phone results in this when i file a dnd complaint:


looks like a weird thing going on. moneylife did an article on the same which is quite baffling.

Troubled with Spam SMS or Calls? Do Not Disturb, TRAI is Sleeping!

This action taken message was sent by Vodafone. It mentions ‘no action has been taken by HFCL’. This HFCL is Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd, which had won 4G licences in almost every telecom circle. As per TRAI, there are 175 telecom service providers, but HFCL does not feature in the list. I even checked the list of registered telemarketers. There are 8,638 registered telemarkers as per the national do not call registry portal but again HFCL is not there in the list. So the large question remains, who is HFCL and how it was supposed to take action on my complaint?