Suggest ISP for FTTH

I am new here and there is no other thread where i can post so i posting here .I have old mtnl bro band connection whihc is unlimited but its realy bad there is frequente disconnection if more then 2 hours is used .... even after complaining it works for few days and then it gets back to same.I am thinking to use fiber connection basically FTTH for my second home .i was just wondering whether i should update to mtnl fibre or should i opt for private one like airtel/vodaphoe etc.I my area there is no competition for cabal waala.there is only single provider looks like is monopoly even it has fiber option.should i go with hathway.Also i going to connect both them in future ...

is mtnl good option considering that there is always news that goi wants to close mtnl...

should i gov with hatway or mtnl or private one line airtel/vodaphone/tata ...

does airtel/tata/voda really provide ftth services.

also how does i differentiate between broadband band and ftth physically

Also suggest got modem/router for ftth

My usage would be basically for streaming/iptv/basic suffering

Also what should minimum speed/data for above usage or i should opt for unlimited
Airtel,Limras Eronet,Railwire,ACT.
If Hathway provides Ftth, try it.
Better as around information from your neighbours about the situation in your locality.
Because A same isp may provide different qualities of service in different parts of the city.
Also i have in this forum not see thread related to railwire .hasnt anybody use railwire ???

I have RailWire. The installation charges might be off putting though. Costed almost 4K for everything. But then, the LCO had to put up the wire from the nearest point which was more than a kilometer since my colony did not have any fiber.
Paying INR 949+GST for 75 Mbps/500 GB.
The speeds are consistent. Sites are blocked (just like others) but it's nothing a simple DNS change cannot overcome. There have been a few times when the connection was down this month because they are laying the cables underground but overall I am happy with it. However, if you have another ISP who is willing to forego the installation charges if you pay a couple months in advance, I suggest you try that.
Hi @happybanana , in which city

Its application process isnt straight fwd .One needs to send details through post.hope there was some kind or portal where one could apply directly
Also can we know who are there local LCO are
Just call their helpline number. They will give you the number of the LCO of your area. Then you can contact him and he should come and do the required process of the application without you having to go anywhere.


@happybanana turns out railwire dosenot provides service in my area ...

It looks like either i have to take mtnl one or airtel/vodaphone/Tata Sky broadband

between does any one of above truely provides fibre internet services (FTTH).I couls not make out from there websites

airtel provides something like vdsl .vodaphone (or you broadband )/tatasky provides FTTC .

can nay body provide more details about above service providers ???

or i have to look with my local lco

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Airtel FTTH > ACT Fiber > JioFiber > Hathway Fiber

Choose Airtel if that's available.
Take any plane + 299 Unlimited Data Recharge (Newly Introduced) and you don't need any other ISP.
Airtel has best Routing and Stability. Customer Support is Top Notch.

ACT Fiber has some routing and drop connection issues confirmed by 3-4 friends of mine who plays Counter-Strike and Streams.

JioFiber is good but the only issue is FUP. (Routing is getting improved regularly, as they are new it will take time for them to improve routing)

Hathway is good and cheap if it's available in your area. Problem with them is poor customer support, unreliable stability (they take data bandwidth from Airtel and they go out of data multiple times).


if you are from Delhi go for Excitel/ Triple Play/ other local players..... as you are not in to gaming, anyone will do..... checkout your neihbours and local friends for feedback for above.... avoid Jio/ Airtel/ ACT/ Hathaway etc...... as they would be expensive as well as they increase prices and terms as per their whims & fancies...... also many sites are being reported to be restricted on Jio and airtel.... though these could be at the backend of most ISP's.