huawei mt800


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Hi all,

For a few days i was savouring the experience of playing with my new toy - my new B/B line. Now i need to discuss a few more issues. In fact i did search this forum for any previous posts of an identical nature, but there seemed to be none.
So here goes.

I am using the dsl dialer in winxp, with a Huawei mt800 modem.

I observed two things:

1. The engineer was able to use my account as well as his work-account from my machine by merely typing the username(s) and password(s) in the xp dialer window. There was no modem config. being done to change modem passwords.

2. No static ip address has been assigned to my lan card (like say 192.168.1.x and neither the subnet mask as the modem manual says)

I hear a lot about saving the pw in the modem, etc. Does this mean that everytime i change my dataone login password , i will have to change my modem password too?

In my case however, i did not have to do that. It just connects if my new dataone password is entered into my windowsxp dsl dialer window.

Now , imho, this means that there are at least two ways of logging in!

1. the modem logs-in on my behalf,
i just use the connection
2. i have to log in from my pc to use it

My modem does not seem to have been configured with with any dataone password.

My question is this: what are the advantages and disadvantages of storing the dataone login password in the modem itself?

ty,ty, ty