Reliance #JioFiber: Wires and Boxes Installed but Area is not Active?

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They are active over there, I had it installed at one of my cousins house in E-3

They installed boxes near my house 2 years ago and about a year ago removed all of them, Then the last month they installed all boxes and wires again. Now the service is active.
They have maps better than google maps. They have names and "CORRECT" house number of all properties with the names as displayed in nameplates outside your house. All houses available for service are green and red which are not serviceable. Your house maybe red for several days even after all work is done because it is some sort of digital process. If you get it installed then ask the installation person to show you his map on some jio app

What is this map?
at my place 1 year back installed.
Activation done 4 months back
Still connection is not given.
4500 paid.