Utterly poor service of tikona broadband

This is a review of tikona broadband. But warning first: never ever go for tikona broadband
They are bloody bunch of crooks who can just exploit their customer. It has been more than two weeks my wifi is not woking. I am facing following problems:
1. Have made so many complaints through mail but they always have only one system generated reply: your complaint has been registered. We will get back to you. But they never get back.
2. Their customer care number 1860..... Never works. It always remains in congestion.
3. Their engineer never picks a call.
4. They have just one answer: we have checked the issue from beckend. Everything is working fine so we are closing your complaint.
5. They never resolve your issue.
6. They never bothered how much problem you are facing because of no wifi.
7. Their bill always remain ready even though your wifi remain dead for 2-3 months.

Lastly i would just suggest. Please i beg of you all. Never ever use tikona broadband as they bloody, heartless, and cheat company. Your complaint would never get resolved like me. I have been waiting for my complaint to be resolved. But they are playing jst cheap game of sending msgs that everything is fine at backend sitting there in their office.
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they are known for sending bill and recovery agents even after disconnection so be cautious to get your connection disconnected properly.