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i belive the router we hve been given is a gud piece of hardware.... i just tried setting up a remote desktop.. to work on my home pc from my college or any other place...remote desktop is a service which is provided in win xp pro only (so u cn view a xp pro desktop only ---- but pathes are available for 2000 98 etc..)but u cn acces ur desktop frm other os also...its a really clean system...i also tried setting up vnc..but probably the required prts are not beintg forwarded properly.. dno wat to do.... guys help me out i forwarded 5500 5800 and 5900 i hv setup vnc server from real vnc...techies help me out hv ne of iu tried things like these?>???


remote desktop uses port 3389 ( terminal services) .. besides this many isp may block this ports .. One of good idea would be to use radmin as u can set it up to use any port and is far faster than vnc or remote desktop .Its shareware but its not hard to get serials these days ;) .You can also try setting up vnc on some other port then default 5900 .. Check if port is blocked by isp or not from .

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