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Most cars are providing sockets for 'cigarette lighters' which are really sockets providing electrical output of 12 VDC. Since most gadgets work of the 230 VAC line, one needs to obtain some 'inverter' which we do the job. Is anyone offering a 'reliable 100 Watt 230 VAC inverter' that can be plugged into the power/cigarette socket, so that many gadgets can be directly used, such as laptop, lamp, ipod charging, mobile charging, etc. I am thinking of a box like thingy which has a male at one end to go into the car socket and a female two pin socket on thetop into which one could plug in our gadgets. Can anyone guide me on this. There is another issue of seat upholstry. Most new cars have fabric or leather. I would prefer some party who desigs and prepares such items in Andheri West area who I could visit. Any guidance? Best wishes.