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Looks like this guy won Man endures ‘living hell’ as Aadhaar card is put online
The ease with which Aadhaar facilitates "Hazards of Identity theft"
Dhapre had enrolled for Aadhaar in 2012. Three years later, an officer from in Pune arrived at his house, suspecting that he had been harassing a woman over the phone. Dhapre had to travel to Pune to record his statement. It turned out that the man behind the had used Dhapre’s Aadhaar card to get KYC done for not just the mobile connection in question, but two others as well.
He furnished his Aadhaar card but was told it could not be accepted as it had already been linked with another bank account. Dhapre wrote an email to the bank at once, saying his Aadhaar card had been misused.
Dhapre contacted the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) – which issues Aadhaar cards – and lodged a complaint. He was told while his Aadhaar number could not be changed, it could be cancelled and that he should do so. However, Dhapre was reluctant to cancel his number it since it was linked to his legitimate accounts as well, and doing so would throw his life into turmoil.