Reliance Jio Fiber vs. BSNL Bharat Broadband FTTH


So I have been using BSNL FTTH for around 3 months and recently got JIO fibre connection (its free for 3 months and available in my area so why not) so I have been using both of them and now can compare both of them.
1. So firstly let's compare gaming
I am surprised to say that BSNL performed the best .....I am from Madhya Pradesh and I mostly play CSGO so here are the pings which I get on BSNL fibre --------------

And here are the pings i get on JIO fibre-------------

so the pings on bsnl are the PUBG to iam getting 15ms on BSNL and around 30ms on JIO, BSNL even performed better then airtel and hathway.

2. In terms of connection stability bot performed best.

3. on bsnl iam able to access torrent websites so no VPN is required, but on jio all the major torrenting websites are blocked so vpn is required.

4. so in conclusion you can go with both BSNL and JIO (whatever available in your area) so JIOis currently free and lets see what pricing jio comes up with when it will launch it plans , BSNL is already having a very aggressive pricing, so jio must have even better pricing.


@naman1208 How are the torrent speeds on jio? I got gigafiber yesterday and getting low speed initially - gradually increasing to max 10MB/s on very healthy torrents and as low as 600KB/s on moderately healthy ones.