Airtel is offering landline portability!


I got banned!
If I remember correct, there were some news that Landline Porting might be live one day. But at this point, there is none.

Specially, the operator for the Landline are two mainstream.

MTNL and Airtel. (Not sure about other states)

Airtel provides shifting, not sure about porting.
Incorrect. You can port your mtnl number to Airtel landline.
Jio fibre is down since yesterday. Red light blinking continuously. Raised a complaint and was told someone will visit today by 5 PM. No one did. Called in morning and confirmed. Called now and now the visit has been moved to tomorrow afternoon. Disappointing. My Airtel connection never ever stopped working in my 8 months of use and Jio has stopped working in just 7 days.. seems disconnecting the airtel connection wasn't a wise decision :(
Never faced such an issue. Did you ask your neighbours? Maybe some OLT work is on in your area.

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