How is the infrastructure of Reliance #JioFiber?

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@SG_curiosity I never mentioned anything for the other cities. My statement is for the Delhi itself.

And, I am not sure about the Orange Wires since I've not seen them anywhere in the Delhi.

Main Question is this:
Hi! I've been wondering for a long-time now. How is the infra. of the JioGigaFiber?

1. If anyone could upload the pics of their installations and the stuff which is untouched by most of the people on this forum and the YouTubers?

2. Each Fiber coming to our home will be dedicated-ly running from the Exchange to our home or is it going to be shared?

Like in Airtel, my line from home goes to the Exchange directly, there is no sharing.

In Excitel/Hathway, a main fiber come to the node, and further it is shared but divided among the customers via. Fiber, Ethernet or Normal Cable Wire.

This is an important question to ask since, Jio plans to provide the Landline and the TV on the same infrastructure. Reason for asking is that, if a lot of people would watch multiple TV streams, multi and heavy downloads, network might get congested if it's the single shared fiber.



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in his video GeekyRanjit sed
that the fiber cable directly connects to the exchange


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Jio Fiber
Jio setup Source

This is how they are setting up in my city. They have a main overhead fiber line running up to a connection box. Each connection box can give 8 fibre connections to different homes. so depending on the size of the locality and demand, they are setting up these connection boxes.

They have used splitters as well but I guess that's only for the main fibre line so that will be less in number.

1. The pic is bit old now they have now properly fixed the connection box onto the pole.
2. The pic is from my friend. Although the setup is the same in my street as well.


One thing I want to mentioned that I see few number of mobile towers where Jio GigaFiber black colour optical fiber cables on poles are connected with mobile towers. That means internet in Jio GigaFiber is not only comes from nearby exchange (fiber backhaul building) but also comes from jio mobile towers.
Normally, there are black colour Jio GigaFiber fiber optics wires on poles on every streets and roads. But I have also see some dark orange colour wires (almost same thickness as black wires) in my area over poles in few large size street roads along with normal black Jio GigaFiber wires. I am not 100% sure but I think these orange wires are also from Jio because there is no other private company of fiber internet like airtel etc. I tried to trace these orange wires and I find that these wires are connected to nearby mobile towers and may be those mobile towers are also Jio. But I also remember that few days ago, I talk with Jio GigaFiber installation team and they said all black colour Jio GigaFiber wires comes from nearby Jio Central office (fiber backhaul) of this area but that time I forgot to ask about orange wires. So why it is connected with mobile towers? It should comes directly from nearby backhaul building?
(If I got chance then I will click and upload the picture of orange wire on pole.)

1. Are these orange wires also in your locality?

2. So, Is Jio GigaFiber internet comes from nearby jio mobile towers to Jio GigaFiber or it is comes from nearby backhaul building or both?

3. May be Jio is planning and preparing infrastructure for 5G. May be these orange wires on poles will be use for small Pico cells on electric poles that's why it is connected with mobile towers. It's just a guess. What you think?
These are the pics of orange colour cable on poles which I was talking about along with black Jio GigaFiber cables. In last pic you can see that both black and orange colour wires are connected with a mobile tower (pic is bit dark). Black cable is Jio cable that I am 100% sured but orange may be Jio (not 100% sure) but they both connect to same mobile tower. So I think mobile tower is also Jio. Orange cable was installed in few main roads in my locality and was installed on poles few months earlier then black Jio cables. These orange colour cable also connected few more nearby towers. But these orange cables on poles are not in every place. One thing I also noticed that orange colour cable is not fitted properly like black colour Jio GigaFiber cables.

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it doesn't make sense why they would setup black wires properly and orange wires hastily.


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I doubt why they would use a eye catching color for a Fiber. If it was Delhi, Ndpl would cut that wire the first.

It is making no sense.

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If they are using Mobile Tower as Backend.

Get ready for the high pings and congestion boys.