Excitel Broadband: Slow Internet Speeds to Many Servers and Locations

Aakash Malhotra

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Mine is still shit, I have told the Local Area Engg. (Excitel's Field Engg) to take a look.

Meanwhile, I am thinking if I should further continue with the Excitel or get the another Airtel VDSL connection again.

I need upload speeds. Airtel only provides 8Mbps upload that's the issue for me.

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@aniladivishnu.2000 Yes, I know that and that's because it's on the ADSL/VDSL. It's not an issue with the Fiber.

I don't have Airtel Fiber though.

It's better to pay for the high pings rather than no speeds/service.

Right now I am only getting 1Mbps speed on all the servers regardless of peering.

Yesterday, Excitel was down for 20 hours.

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^ Don't really have any option. I had Hathway before but it seems like they are not even doing marketing anymore (quite possible, they got a lot of disconnection requests in last 1 year).

I need an ISP which could provide me 50Mbps Upload min. And, there isn't one except for Excitel.

I infact talked to many ISPs for the Leased Lines but they are offering only 5Mbps for 10K Rs monthly. Haha. :D