Excitel Broadband: Slow Internet Speeds to Many Servers and Locations


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@aniladivishnu.2000 The issue I am facing is from the backend and I'm not alone who is facing this issue, almost all the Excitel Customers must be facing this issue. It's just that they don't come forward and report until last night when the packet loss is so much high.

Excitel has messed up with their backend for sure and I've done a lot of in-depth testing about this too. Other ISPs using the same transit aren't facing this issue but the Excitel or any other ISP who uses it's backend is facing this issue.

So, no matter what? Excitel will have to fix it not for me but for it's whole customer base in Delhi only if people start coming forward and share their screenshots. So that this thread reaches the Excitel's team and they take it seriously.


asking & answering?
Hyderabad India
ACT Fibernet
@ajgamer I had to take hathway for open nat
now I have both ACT Fibernet and Hathway
because oof unlimited data
and over providing the connection
the hathway network is bad
that is why I feel better with FUP
many users do not complaint about there ISP as they value only unlimited data
and do not look at quality of service

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^ Thankfully someone on this forum understands the need of FUP.

I don't like FUP myself but the ISP itself should be strong enough to handle the unlimited FUP.

What most of these ISPs are going to do now is "OVERSELLING".

Most of the LCO's will die with the wrath of all these big corporate laying their Fiber now. To name some, Airtel, Jio, Tata and ACT.

The more capital you've the longer you will be there in the market.

Fiber vs. Fiber will be the real competition in coming days. The network with least down, max. highest speed all the time (not just local but non-peered servers too) will be the leader.

You are right @aniladivishnu.2000 and I feel good that someone understands it very well over here on this forum. :)