VPN not working with Airtel broadband connection


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Airtel Broadband
I am not able to connect to my office VPN with airtel broadband. With my mobile data connection or the neighbours actfiber internet connection, I am able to connect to my office vpn. Any of you faced this problem? The airtel customer care service manager says vpn will not work with airtel broadband connection and that's its my responsibility to have asked before getting the connection!!!

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I use TunnelBear, Zenmate, NordVPN (All Licensed and Paid) works for me on Airtel.

Airtel is most open network in India in terms of Port-Forwarding and other tunnels.

Airtel Customer Support won't support VPN since it's out of their custom service terms. They are not entitled to help you for VPN and they said you anything.

If those VPN are being accesses as Proxies? Let me know. I can check that for you. (FoxyProxy with Mozila Firefox)


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Since we can't check your office VPN, please post any generic details that you may have about your office VPN in order to understand the issue better.

In general, Airtel supports VPN. They may have blocked certain ports that may be used by your office VPN.