"The World's Within Reach"


Airtel 256k ultd
Nice article, in summary we have

- FLAG ???
- Reliance FALCON ???
- Tyco Communications Network @ 460Gbps
- Tata Indicom Cable (madras - singapore) @ 5.12 Tbps
- Se-Me-We-3 and SAFE consortiums @ 80Gbbs
- 3200-km Network i2i cable between Chennai and Singapore @ 8.4 Tbit

or a possible total of nearly 14Tbits of connectivity to the country.

1Mbit = 16 x 64kbs connections
1Gbit = 16k x (")
1Tbit = 16M x (")

or 14 x 16M x (64k connections)

..for 224 million (64k connections) or 56million (256k connections). Not sure how much is used by phone lines but 64k seems like a safe guess.

Hmm...is this enough to give everyone 256k broadband ?

India has nearly 40 million ppl on the net, only 3.6% of the total population is on the net so far !!!

..needs to go up an order of magnitude and that would be 100% utiltisation.

In the US , the article says companies went bankrupt since only 14% of available bandwidth was being used. Which is the only reason they could get bought at affordable prices or dirt cheap (depends how u look at it) by the India telcos.


The senerio wud appear as bad as you sited above if all the 40 million users are heavy downloaders(using 256 kbps all the time ,If a 256 kbps connection is usually shared b/w 3 to 4 ppl.nearly all wud get the same speed cos not all wud be d/l at the same time,this is what most ISPs do) so a 14 Tb cappacity wud be good for at least .56million x4=224 million ppl. at 256kbps. as per your calculations.Now this wud mean a atleast 2 to 3 years more for ISPs to increase there international capacity accordingly.