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Hi, I need to relocate within the city(Bangalore) when I requested Hathway to transfer my internet connection, they informed me that the broadband service is not available in the new location hence I have to disconnect the service. However when I asked them what is the procedure to disconnect they told their billing and technical team will call me back.

However even after I followed up with customer care multiple times, I am yet to get any call back from them.

I had paid money for 6 months package and after 2 months of usage i will be disconnecting. Hence when I asked about the refund, the one of the customer care executives told that I will get back pro-rated basis refund and the billing team will call me back for refund details.

But there is literally no communication from Hathway side.

I want to disconnect the service by April 26 2019.

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^ Twitter Support of Hathway is shit. To be honest, visiting their office might be the best bet or a threatening of Consumer Forum (at-last if nothing works).

You can mail them on the [email protected] OR [email protected] (Billing Queries is Better)

Don't use Consumer Forum Thing as the first, it should be the last.