Spectra performing poorly these last few months, looking for alternatives

Spectra used to be kinda good back when I first got it, I feel like in 2016, they were pretty good, upgrading from 512kbps to 16mbps/24gb, it was a huge increase in speed for me. But my internet requirements have changed and 100mbps/150 gb is too low for me. And 1mbps after finishing the FUP is super ridiculous. This last week it's gone down like 3 times and is currently not working for me, they've just been postponing when it'll be fixed calling it a Fiber issue, mass outage.

I feel like in the last year the amount of times it goes down for maintenance issues is really high considering how the performance is absolute garbage. If you try and do a speed test with another country on speedtest.net like LA, USA or somewhere in Europe you get like 3-5mbps speed instead of the advertised 100mbps which only works to places like India or Singapore. The routing must be absolute rubbish because websites like Twitch forever buffer and the speed at which websites take to get the first connection is ridiculously slow and sometimes its faster to use 4G because it's stupid.

Jio 4G has been kinda flaky in my area, where it went completely down for the last 1 week, but started working yesterday. Personally I don't want to sacrifice my life to the Jio monopoly and subscribe to Jio fiber, or Hathway, but Hathway is providing a pretty neat deal of 100mbps , 1tb data, after FUP 5mbps (I've heard their routing is good and streaming works great). And the best part is it's cheaper than Spectra. I'm only looking for plans in the 5.5k/6months (about 850/month) range.

Any ideas/suggestions? I'm sick of this garbage that is Spectra. I'm okay with 10-20mbps speed tbh, I just need a higher data cap and preferably decent routing to places like Singapore to play the 2 online games I enjoy.

Thanks for reading this rant, I'm super frustrated with having no internet the whole day, currently they're saying they won't fix it till 12 a.m. but it's the weekend and raining; I guess I'll be waiting till Monday.
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