Blackmailed by LCO


I'm having a nightmare since 5 days dealing with Excitel and LCO. My connection gets dropped every now and then. I've been told today by LCO that due to many joints in the ethernet going out from my building to a street pole installed switch, the connection seems unstable. The LCO technician blackmailed me that I need a new wire installation @ ₹10/m or else further complaints shall be not entertained (implied).

The wire approx 40m that travels outside my building which I have no control of, dangles freely in direct scroching heat and above main roads where trucks are frequent commuters. There are many tight crevices on it too.
Recently, my router too got fried due to bad earthing of their switches which costed me further money to purchase a new one. What's unimaginable is that when I complained, they shameful gave me mere 2 day extension of service.

I think if this is the level of service they vouch for, where they shift the blame for improper installation of wire onto the customer wheninfact I paid ₹500 at the time of installation and blackmailing the customer about it, then I'll kiss them goodbye forever and a non-refund of my recent 3 months extension will make me initiate chargeback.
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Aakash Malhotra

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new delhi
the 500 rs that you paid was for the wire that got installed initially . now if its damaged and a new wire needs to be installed then obviously you will have to pay for it. if you dont want to buy the wire from your lco, you can buy it yourself from nehru place( assuming you live in delhi) and give it to your lco for installation.

if your argument to make lco pay for the wire is that the box is installed in a shitty place where traffic goes by resulting in damaged wires then maybe trying asking your lco to shift your connection to another box where there is no traffic or no obstructions, if possible.

otherwise, just change isp. i doubt anything is gonna change b/w excitel and lcos.