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bsnl 256kbps home 250 plan
Hi all,
Again a general question..
I see that these days several people are sharing one broadband line with two or more systems within their premises, using a router or so.
Apart from this, i came to know that the service providers themselves share the bandwidth 'b' allocated to us (say 256 k) with several others even before it reaches our premises, and statistically speaking we don't seem to notice it, because of ample idle time of each "connection". I always thought that b/4 was reasonable. However, It was surprising to note that upto about 50 people share one line! So when some hot new downloads are announced or say when public exam results get uploaded, congestion could be really bad!

Is this really true and an accepted fact that all broadband users live with, or this is just a solution adopted by some service providers to make it appear competitive!!

The familiar predicament from English Literature comes to mind!

True 'b' or not true 'b' ! :D



Bsnl uses the DSL technolgy so this is more like a dedicated connection in which you can share the conenction easily


I too heard that at the BSNL end 50 users share a 256 bandwidth.Suppose that your BSNL exchange has got 8 mbps connectivity on 1:1 ratio only 32 people can log in (max) at any given point of time.In our place if I am not wrong they have opened 4 mbps stream exclusively for Data One (just hearsay) and there are 48 connections as of now. That means a 1:3 ratio. Still it is not bad compared to what I get on Airtel.Sandeep