Mtnl could have been a BOMB



Yeaooo Yeeaooo yeaooooo,

Thanks for helping me.Thanks for all the support u have provided
me, The Users Of This Forum.

Well :-Here Is My Story
Date Time
22 at 2:00 pm ---->screwed My router firmware
22 at 4:00 pm ---->Firmware Updated at D-Link service center

22 at 5:30 pm ---->Net activated

23 at 12:30 am ---->mtnl Login Had problem

23 at 7:45 am ---->Downloaded 350 mb

24 at 7:30 am ---->dpwnloaded 365 mb
24 at 7:45 am ---->Founded and confirmed with the forum help
that i am in Wrong Plan. All mtnl Fault.

24 at 8:11 am ---->Founded That i had lost the Dsl Acknowledgement
Receipt.Searched Hard But Not Found.As When The Workorder was printed i verified that the Plan
was Nu as i read on This forum The case Of "MTNL
IS A BOMB OF R.s 18000"

24 at 10:15am ---->Luckily the person at QCSC Founded the WorkOrder
for Me at Mtnl Office and confirmed that i had
Ordered the MTNL NU Plan.

24 at 10:20am ---->Having fucking fun with differnt mtnl Authorities
and convincing My Problem.

24 at 10:35am------>met the correct guy who can help me i.e
exchange G.Manager.

24 at 15:45 ------>Went to Exchange and inquired for the problem soution.They said they have Fowwarded problem.

24 at 17:30 ------->Mtnl guies came to see wheater my Dsl Started or
they can help.Problem explained to them.

24 at 17:45 ------> They happened to be Very Co-operative and Tried
to help me By giving the guideline what should i
do and whom to contack now.
Even he booked my complaint for me as i told him
i was just a kid NOW What Should I Do???All from
his Mtnl Garuda mobile.

24 at 18:30 ------>Calls Form Wadala Exchange regarding What the
hell is My Problem. I Explained to Them the
Problem.They told me to give the Written complaint to them I said Ok i Will.

24 at 23:55 --------> Feelt like not using the net i didn't use!!!

25 at 10:40 --------> Went to Exchange and Submitted The written Complaint.

25 at 12:12 ---------> Phone form The GM that They have restored My Plan to NU.

25 at 12:16 ----------> Checked the account and found The ADSL Mb left
was only 111.75 remaining.

25 at 14:00 ----------> Submitted The Asdl Mb restore request to
exchange unfortunately the main ppl's have gone to Some meeting...

25 at 17:00 ---------> Composing this note for all My friends On this
forum and who may find this useful.

At 00:15 posted this note .....LOL Just For U...

Note:- I was Lucky that all Ppl's Who came in the process were very
co-operative and Talked to me decently.

First better u check the plan and then start using the Plan.Don't make
The mistake that i made and now Lost my Adsl Free Mb.

I hope they restore my Mb i think the chances is 20 % Win...LOL

Thanks For reading....
In2sucks on Nu plan.

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