Railwire outdated plans In Odisha circle.


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Does Railwire have any plans to update its internet plans anytime now in the Orissa circle? The plans are outdated. Other than BSNL having better plans in its fibre plans, even local service providers are providing 50 mbps for 300 gb at which Railwire is providing 8 mbps for 120 GB. And now with jio starting rollout in Bhubaneswar, broadband is about to get even cheaper. I could change my provider, but its a lot of hassle. Anyone know if they are going to change the plans anytime soon?


Hi bro... I too use Railwire broadband and I stay in Jaleswar town. As on 18th March 2019, I am getting 80 Mbps till 200 GB for Rs.799 + 18% TAX which comes o around Rs.943/- I dont even see their tariff plans getting updated for Odisha circle. As in our Jaleswar we have only BSNL broadband which is of ADSL2 connection and Railwire broadband.

You have also mentioned that Jio is getting rolled out in Bhubaneswar. I mean did they start their Fiber broadband services in Bhubaneswar yet? Railwire really need to updated their tariff portal for Odisha circle.

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