Excitel Broadband Review: Worst Internet Service Provider (With Screenshots)

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Bad Service Continues..... 1st March - 31st March.

26 Feb - 14 March:
Slow Speed Issue.

14 March - 17 March: Multiple Long-time Duration No Connectivity

20 March - 23 March: No Connectivity

30 March - 31st March: Slow Speed Issue

31st Jan - 27th Feb

31st Jan - 5th Feb : Speed Issues

9th Feb - 11th Feb: Speed Issues (Continued..)

13th Feb - 14th Feb: Speed Issues

16th Feb - 16th Feb: Connectivity Issue (Fiber Cut)

19th Feb - 19th Feb: Connectivity Issue (No Global Ticket)

25th Feb - 26th Feb: Connectivity Issue

26th Feb - Today (4th March): Huge Packet Loss & Very Slow Internet Speed

21 out of 30 Days, Internet didn't work properly.

@philip marlowe I hardly have 3-4 days left for my rene

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Excitel has some sort of routing issues at this point with multiple locations and servers.

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It's confirmed Speed Issues with Excitel for not just me but for many customers in different areas of Delhi - NCR and Excitel is unaware of it.

I have done a complete analysis of this whole situation by asking the proof from multiple customers of Excitel of different areas and they have sent me the screenshots.

Read More: Excitel Broadband: Poor Internet Speeds to Many Servers and Locations | Excitel Broadband

Excitel is not aware of this issue and I don't think they will ever if customers of Excitel will continue to blind-sighted under there 'Gimmick' No FUP Internet.

: Excitel Account Suspended for Commercial Usage (Baseless Claim) | Excitel Broadband

P.S.: April 2019 Service Report will be updated on this thread in few days. As I'm trying to find time from work.

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I have updated the First Post (Opening Post) of Excitel Broadband: Slow Internet Speeds to Many Servers and Locations | Excitel Broadband with the customers facing the same issue of Very Slow Speeds on Multiple Servers since last 3-4 days from different areas.



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A lot of people have been complaining bad about the Excitel on the forums and social websites because of their last month's messed up with the Packet Loss and the Slow Speeds which they haven't fixed at all.

What I get is that, they are facing network congestion (overselling) because of the entrance of Jio GigaFiber in the market.

JioGigaFiber is actively being tested in Western and South Delhi. Going to be launched in North Delhi within 1-2 months.

GG Excitel!
There is a serious issue with speeds that I have been facing for more than a month now. They ignore support tickets and when the engineer finally arrives he says vo excitel kahi hai ni abi ACT vgera banglore vgera harr jagah hai isiliye delhi se bahar speed acchi hai.
Also most VPNS struggle to achieve 1 mbps on excitel whereas on ACT i am able to easily touch 100mbps with most of the VPNS

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Excitel was working fine (bearable with minimal down or speed issues) for the last 1-2 months. But this week has been pathetic.

1. Internet is down for 3 days now.
2. Slow Speed. (1 Mbps Download Speed)
3. No Excitel Engineer is ready to work with my area's LCO because of their poor behavior and bad service quality.

Real Problem is LCO to be honest and not the Excitel (Except that Excitel's Customer Support doesn't push LCO to fix the issue but keep on asking customer to wait for 24-48 hours).


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