Excitel Broadband Review: Worst Internet Service Provider (With Screenshots)

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Last Updated Report: March 2019 (April 2019 coming in few days)

Hello! I got Excitel Installed few weeks back (last week of December). Since then I have been facing a lot of issues with it.

Plan Details: 50Mbps Up/Down for Rs. 820.10

Report of March 2019

Date StartedDate EndedNumber of DaysProblemNotes
Continued since . . . 26 / 2 / 201914 / 3 / 201914Slow Internet Speed
14 / 3 / 201917 / 3 / 20193Internet Down (No Connectivity)
20 / 3 / 201923 / 3 / 20194Internet Down (No Connectivity)
30 / 3 / 201931 / 3 / 20192Slow Internet Speed
Total Days - Internet did not work23Total Days - Internet Worked8

Report of February 2019
Date StartedDate EndedNumber of DaysProblemNotes
31 / 1 / 20195 / 2 / 20196Slow Internet Speed
9 / 2 / 201911 / 2 / 20193Slow Internet Speed
13 / 2 / 201914 / 2 / 20192Slow Internet Speed
16 / 2 / 201919 / 2 / 20194Internet Down (No Connectivity)
25 / 2 / 201926 / 2 / 20192Internet Down (No Connectivity)
26 / 2 / 201926 / 2 / 20191Slow Internet Speed
26 / 2 / 201928 / 2 / 20193Packet Loss
Slow Internet Speed
Total Days - Internet did not work21Total Days - Internet Worked7

Last 30 Days of Excitel:

31st Jan - 5th Feb : Speed Issues

9th Feb - 11th Feb: Speed Issues (Continued..)

13th Feb - 14th Feb: Speed Issues

16th Feb - 16th Feb: Connectivity Issue (Fiber Cut)

19th Feb - 19th Feb: Connectivity Issue (No Global Ticket)

25th Feb - 26th Feb: Connectivity Issue (Internet was down for more than 28 hours)


26th Feb - 26th Feb: Very Slow Speed


27th Feb - Today: Huge Packet Loss ping google.com -t


27th Feb - Today: Very Slow Speed


Resolution / Duration to Fix: They have maximum resolution of 48 hours for any kind of complaint. So most of the time, LCO would only come to fix the issue at the ending hours of the 48 hours.

Nodal/Appellate: Both of the Higher Authority are no different from the Generic Customer Support. Both of them are limited to take any kind of action against LCO.

Issues with Excitel:

  • Packet Losses
  • Disconnection while Rain (and won't solve automatically until Engineer visit)
  • If your LCO don't have power backup, Internet will not work when there is a power cut.
  • LCO is the real boss and if he's shit. You are going to have shit experience (like myself).
  • Support Desk (Including Nodal) don't have any authority or quality check over the LCO. They are bound to wait and wait only for LCO to take any kind of action and fix.
Support Tickets Since Installation of Connection:

Averagely, every 2nd day, there is a new issue with Excitel.

Short Note
: Don't take Excitel if you want reliable internet and If you take, better get a backup such as Airtel Broadband or Jio 4G Setup because Excitel will go off a lot of time.

I've been using Internet for 18 years now and Excitel is the most worst service I've ever experienced in my entire life. It was the first time in my entire life that the Internet was off for more than 28 hours and Support Desk was not able to help me except for waiting for the LCO to take any kind of action.

Don't Get Excitel and never pay them for multiple months. They won't refund.


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Original Post
Hello, Excitel is not working properly for me since last night. I'm getting fine speeds on the Speedtest.net but the surfing is super slow.

  1. IBF is taking 10-30 seconds to load each page.
  2. I was downloading Motorola Update for Android Phone, took more than 5 hours to download 1 Gb. (It was fast few days back).
  3. All other websites are loading slow too.
Anyone of you are also facing same issues?
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Did you contact your local team who installed the connection for you?

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@vishalrao It's happening since last night as it was heavy rain probably that's the reason. I've connection with Excitel for 1 month now.

I'll log the complaint if that would solve the issue.

I'm thinking to first see if anyone else is also facing such issue. I'm just not sure right now.

Because, speedtest.net is working fine and it's just the actual surfing and downloading is fucked up.

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P.S.: Even posting a reply on IBF takes 5 seconds or more. This is that pathetic.

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@Sushubh Are you facing the same issue (I want to know if it's the ISP or if there is some issue with IBF)?


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IBF working fine for me. Like you said, probably the rain damaged some equipment in your area.


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Internet is working so bad that message got reposted.
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