MTNL Mumbai FTTH Review



Thanks. All I need is a ONT with a gigabit port. The one given to me by MTNL doesn't have a gigabit port. I am going to connect that to wireless router anyways which will be used as the interface for all my internet needs.

But I believe LCOs are a little more knowledgeable and understanding than the guys at MTNL. So they might understand and help you with whitelisting it. Not sure how helpful MTNL guys are gonna be. Will try to talk to them next week and hope they agree to help.


finally mtnl woke up and gave a connection ! all that arrogance has been crushed by the private players !

Hi @kickass MTNL is laying fiber near my place at Dadar Station. They are interested in more people joining them. If you are interested DM me. I can't wait to get it. I gave them permission to keep the cable in my store room for the time being. The cable is MTNL branded OFC. This cable has 16 smaller cables and each smaller cable can provide 32 connections. So this single cable provides total 512 connections.

I will be getting Gennex ONT and not Alphion as OP had posted. It is a different vendor alltogether.

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