Keep going at 'Monkey', Oz fans tell Harbhajan


Keep going at 'Monkey', Oz fans tell Harbhajan
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If you thought Harbhajan Singh doesn't have fans Down Under, you are wrong. The off-spinner continues to be popular amongst the Australians fans. For the ODI triangular series, he is being followed by two young Aussie fans Lianne and Liza. Both can be found at the Adelaide Oval since the Indian team arrived in the city and have been having a good time getting autographs and pictures.

But it is Harbhajan they love the most. In fact, Lianne even carries a placard that reads, "Dear Harbhajan. Keep going at Monkey. It's so funny, loving your work. Love Always, ur only Aussie fan." When asked why she carries a placard which antagonises Andrew Symonds, the schoolgirl said, "I hate him, I don't like him. When we met Andrew he was rude. He's been very mean to Harbhajan. He needs to learn how to treat fans. We have a lot of respect for the Aussies but they should learn from the Indians how to treat their fans."

Lianne and Liza also like the younger brigade among Indian players. "We love Dhoni and Pathan, he's very strong. We like Sharma too." Asked which Sharma, they said, "The tall one, in fact both. We love all the Indians players, they are hot!"

What's wrong with Bhajji's stomach?

His fans maybe hot on his heels, Harbhajan Singh was nowhere to be found. He was resting at the team hotel even as colleagues took to nets at the Adelaide Oval. Manager BR Soni said Bhajji was down with a "running stomach". Sources said the player had a "stomach ache". The good part, however, was they both said the player should be fine by Saturday. Harbhajan, who later stepped out of his room, looked a little pale.
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Bhaaji was proll saying "tere Maa ki", and the monkey heard "monkey", LOL, guilty conscience.

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