EasySify Hangs


I had downloaded EasySify 1.1 b306 last night.Though initially i had some problem login in, but subsequently it worked fine.It even logged out at the scheduled time set in the scheduler.However, since today morning it hasn't worked.I followed instructions given by Bhaskar in one of the posts (uninstall, delete reg refs etc & reinstalled 1.1 b306b).It detected the ip & mac address correctly, however the same problem persisted.Even if i try to extract a dump of the messages section, to post it here, i can't since ES hangs within 10 secs of "logon".Attempting to connect ...........& then hangs (the 'x' button gets instantly activated though after hang) The task manager shows EasySify "Not Responding" & upon pressing 'x' ES closesCould there be a solution to this problem.Thanks


Well, if it hangs, then it means that there is no connection between you and the server. The connection attempt times out in about 90 secs. So till 90 secs ES will not respond. Make sure your sam settings are correct:IP: 8090request path: /The next time you have this problem, try pinging your gateway. Packet loss is one reason why you are unable to connect.